A/n: taking artistic liberty with nobility. Just so you know.

The Duke’s daughters shall not be disgraced.

“Annemarie! I know you’ve been bullying Claire!” the second prince of the Sectum Kingdom shouted at his Fiancee, Annemarie Liliandra Profectus, as he clung to a young petite platinum blonde woman.


Annemarie reached up and adjusted her glasses. “You’re Highness, what a surprise that you’re talking to me. I have now idea who this, Claire, is though. As we agreed I have stayed well out of your life since we entered school.”

“Don’t lie to me! I know it was your cronies who were harassing Claire!”

“How rude, Prince Seban. I don’t have cronies, I have friends.” Annemarie said as looked into Prince Seban’s eyes with a narrowed gaze. The Prince faltered “And they would never do such a thing without reason. Now who is that woman that you have the audacity to cling to in front of your betrothed? ” Annemarie said loud enough that the whole hall heard it and turned their attention to the conversation.


“This is Claire!” The Prince said heedless of the attention they had garnered.

“Why are you so passionate about her, Prince Seban. Is she the lover of yours my friends told me about? Are you really cheating on me?”

Annemarie asked as closed her eyes and took a sip of her tea .
The whole hall gasped while the prince sputtered,”What….that’s…”

“I see. So she is. You went and had an affair without even trying to be get to know me huh… What a petty and horrible man you are.” Annemarie said opening her eyes and glaring at the prince.

“What?! That’s not! But you were…!” The prince tried to recover


Annemarie held her hand up while listening to her tablemate whisper in her ear. When she was done she nodded and once again turned her attention to the prince. ” I see. So you were trying to disgrace me. You were going to use ‘harassment of an innocent’ as an excuse to break the engagement huh. That way you could cover up your shameful behavior by pushing it all on me. How …horrible!” Annemarie said as she looked simultaneously disgusted and distressed.


The party hall broke into a buzz, the majority of the murmurs being negative comments of the Prince.
“Now wait a minute! You’re just jealous and that—” The prince started before Annemarie cut him off.
“Oh my!” Annemarie said putting her hands on her red cheeks. “Did you, perhaps, think I was jealous? Whatever for?” Annemarie asked as she tilted her head to the left and put her right index and middle fingers to her lips. She seemed to realize something and looked up at the prince. “Ah! Do you, possibly, think I’m in love with you, Prince Seban?”


“Aren’t you?”






“You never tried to woo me.”




“You’ve never even been friendly to me before.”


“There wasn’t a need to—.”


What she said next stunned most of the hall for the prince was ,in fact, a bishie.


“You’re not even that attractive. And even if you were,” she crooked her left index hand and put it in front of her mouth. “I’m not vain and shallow enough to fall for someone’s appearance. So there is no chance I love you right?”


“Now wait just a minute!”


“Regardless of that.” Annemarie said ignoring the prince’s protest she eleganty pointed her finger to the prince. ” Aren’t you clearly in the wrong.” She gracefully stood up and was at even height with the prince. ” And you dare try to disgrace me?” She said with an edge in her voice. She took a single step towards the prince and his lover, and they scurried back. ” You’ve only accomplished disgracing yourself. I will not stand for this. I will void this engagement. Please have nothing to do with me from now on. And I implore you not to appear in front of me again Your Highness, if you can help it.” She said as she as she sat back down next to her friend Rosalyn.


“Now hold on just a moment! What do you mean I’m not attractive?!”


The public thought, ‘You’re focusing on that?!


“That I’d rather kiss Rosa than you?” Annemarie said referring to her short, plain, chubby best friend, Rosalyn.


“What? Boss?! How can you—?” The prince sputtered.


“Like this?” She said taking Rosalyn’s cheeks in her hands and French kissing her. When she came up for air after two minutes she looked at the dumbstruck prince and buried her red face into Rosalyn’s chest. ” Please leave your Highness. You’re no longer involved with me.”


Once the prince and his lover left Annemarie looked up at Rosalyn. “Are you gonna get pregnant now? I’ll take responsibility, okay? I promise.”


‘This sweet innocent creature.’ Rosalyn thought as she patted Annemarie’s head and rubbed her back. “It’s okay. I’m safe today.” Rosalyn said aloud.


“Can we stay like this for awhile, Rosa?” Annemarie asked.


“Sure, Marié.” Rosalyn said with her arms firmly around Annemarie. ‘ What should I do. I’ve been coming for a while now. Ah~ Annemarie hugs feel so good~♥!


And that was how the First Prince’s and the Profectus territory’s Heiress ended.


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