My unlucky in love best friend who I love in a Lily way.

My best friend,Shiomiya Carol is a sweet girl. She gets along well with animals, girls and adults. She always tries to help out others when she can. She can be a little clingy but she just makes you wanna protect and support her. She was kinda like a fairy tale princess. However she seems to have bad luck with men.

When we were in our third year of middle school she fell in love with the second year soccer ace Kimotani Kaede. So she, in a bold move for her asked him out. He said yes, of course. After all Carol is the cutest in the world. But then 3 months later we found out that he was using her to cheat on his original girlfriend and was cheating on her with someone else because she wouldn’t go all the way. After all Carol is a modest girl and wouldn’t do that after just 3 months. She had to stop me from crushing his balls with a baseball.

After that we left for an Elite high school. Since I not rich like Carol, who is a half Japanese ojou-sama, I studied my ass off and managed to get a scholarship to the school she went to. Here she fell in love again. It was with the so called Knight  Prince of the school, Amamiya Shoukani-sempai. They really would have made a lovely couple but it turns out he had a childhood friend who he made a childhood marriage promise to and was completely in love with her. And she reciprocated his feelings. Oi!! Rotten Prince!! Instead of stringing my Princess along for six months tell her something that important in the first place instead of putting off your answer to her confession for that long.

In her second year her parents engaged her to the heir of a disgustingly successful Advertising company, Mizukani Morita. Morita also attended our school. Carol didn’t really fall in love this time. She was just determined to keep a man long enough to get to know him. So she went around, with her fantastic cookies, purposely making friends with the people who had an interest in her iinazuke. She implicitly asked them not to steal him away. Then the transfer student Shirakami Shizuka, came and her worthless iinazuke began to court her right in front of her. So all of Carol’s friends banded together and tried to explain the situation to Shizuka-san. We had thought she understood and went our seperate ways. The very next day as Carol and I were having lunch together she approched our bench in the courtyard and loudly declared herself Carol’s rival. Soon after that what looked like vicious bullying of Shizuk-san started. Flowers on her desk, her gym clothes and shoes in the trash, her chair missing, hurtful words carved into her desk. Carol, I, and our friends had nothing to do with all that, in fact we offered to help but she refused saying she didn’t need help from a rival. It all came to a head when holes were cut out of Shizuka-san’s  textbooks and notebooks and somehow the scissors and parts cut out were inside Carol’s desk. As the uproar started with our classmates defaming Carol’s character I stood up and made a large shout, “Korrrraaaaa!!!”


Who am I, you ask? I am Ebitani Emiyami. A cresp and common Japanese girl.  And I have been utterly in love with Carol since childhood.