Pixie wife.

Aoibheann Reilly Sadb Celios was nervous. She was five now and it was her first day of school. Naturally she was

nervous. She wanted her mother to come with her.

“But, Mamaí!  Can’t you come with me? Can’t you just spend the first day with me?” Aoibheann pleaded,

“Mo ghile iníon . No , ní féidir liom.”^1  Her mother gently refused her.

“But whyyyy!” The red headed round faced little girl asked.

“One, I cannot leave your little brother. He inherited far too much mischeif from your Mamaí and Daidí. Two, if I go with you now you won’t be able to make friends, it’s very important to make friends. Three , you need to do this without me,”

the woman looked at her child who looked just like she did when she was young. “Four,  I won’t leave this house,” the ten inch woman looked at her 3 foot tall daughter’s wavy scarlet hair and flicked and snapped her hand in the same motion  and made it into a crown braid that hid the pointed tips of Aoibeheann’s ears.”It’s too dangerous for me.” She
said fluttering her wings. She perked her ears. “Oh! There’s your bus. Lunchbox?”




“Your Glamour ‘s getting better.” Aine Sadb Tara Celios said as she kissed her daughter on the cheek and twitched her pinky, laying a subtle glamour on her daughter. “Off you go! Have fun, Make friends!” She said as she watched her daughter walk to the bus stop. Once Aoibheann was on the bus, Aine closed the door.


Niles Ronin Hagan Celios  was a crafty 4 year old little boy. He had his father’s black hair and eyes. He was cute but had a penchant for mischeif. Recently he had discovered he could change size. He has since pulled of very elaborate pranks.

Like the pie catapult. (What do ya want he’s four. ) So today, he was going to get into his mother’s cookie jar!

He shrunk himself down to 6 inches so he’d  be harder to catch. His pixie wings sprouted and he flew to the top of the  pantry. He almost made it to the to the cookie jar. When, suddenly, he was caught!

He was suddenly flying away from the pantry under someone else’s power.  He then reverted to his original size.

“Haahahahahaha! Nice try, darling!” His mother said vastly amused by his attempt to shake her off and levitating him instead of holding him by his underarms like she was afore he tried to change size, ” You know better than trying that. Now, as punishment for trying to take my cookies, you’re going to watch C-span♡! ”

Niles realizing his predicament uttered a perfectly timed dramatic, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”


Grant W. S. Celios had a long night at work. He couldn’t wait to get home and greet his adorable and sexy wife. He worked the night shift as a programmer at a data management company. He needed to recharge by being lovey-dovey
with his wife.

Grant was six foot tall, had luscious black wavy hair, piercing round eyes and a sharp angular face. His mother was British and his father was Italian and he had inherited the best of both their looks. What I’m trying to say here is that he was rather handsome.

“Aine! I’m home!” He shouted when he came home at 12 o’clock in the Afternoon.

Shut up, my heart! I just put Niles down for his nap!” Aine said as she came hovering in with a smile.  She had curly scarlet hair pale skin and an hour glass figure. Even though she was tiny she had way too much Va-va-va-Voom!

“Aine!” he said grabbing his wife out of the air, “You know, my love, that it drives me absolutely wild when you call me that!” He then proceeded to make out with his wife in the foyer.

To a third party it would look like he was making out with a doll. Aine and Grant’s make out session went on for 10

minutes.  After that they moved to the bedroom.

Now you may be wondering with the size difference, how do the perform their marital duties, you may also be wondering how Aine bore and gave birth to their children. Let me explain:

Because Aine is a Fey she doesn’t have to bother with inconvenient concepts like proportion  difference in sex. She can just ignore that so it doesn’t matter. Also when a pixie is horny and you are horny and you are thinking naughty things towards

her and she is thinking naughty things towards you that is one of the sex practices among pixies.

As for how the children were carried borne and born. Well that’s a secret!  It was weird though.

And thus another day passed on the Celios household.

^1  “My darling daughter. No, I can’t” translated from gaelic. (A/n: To all the Irish people out there I’m sorry if I butchered your language. However, if I did in fact butcher it, I blame Google translate.)


A/n: So what do you think of this story.

Review and rate it if you must. But if you do give me constructive criticism. I will use flames to roast the flamer alive, stop before they expire and feed them to a dragon. For some reason they like human flesh, even though you humans taste horrible.

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