Ikemen yuusha no yome wa Mamono Ou. “Kore wa densetsu no shurida!”

A/n: Okay. So here’s the plan. I’m going to be making a standard summoned  Yuusha novel Only isteD of sending them after the Maou I’ll have the Monster king summon them and send them after the evil Human king. And, because, I’m sick of traditionally bishoujo romantic interests, I’m going to have my main hero fall for a monster at first sight. Now I’ll try to avoid the chikd hood friend=love interest route by taking a page from Hakoiri drops and Koharu days.

Without further ado: Welcome to my world!

Raisaza, strongest of all monsters and the General of the United Races Army, was troubled. She had, for the past three years, been fighting in a war with the genocidal Human Empire. With the help of the dwarve, elves, Beast man, dragon tribe, and rebel humans. She was just able to bring about a stalemate. But she knew, it wouldn’t last long and the humans would overcome her forces eventually.  They were just too strong! They had Creatures  that were able to best her on the battlefield. She nearly lost her life to one such creature. If it hadn’t been for a new Dwarven invention that temporarily blinded and choked the enemy she was sure that, she would be dead or worse.  Not only were their soldiers strong, they had ridiculously powerful and advanced weapons. She couldn’t grasp how their weapons craft had advanced so much, but it had done so at a rate that made the dwarves awestruck. And so the heads of the 5 races and the Leader of the Human rebels had put their heads together and decided to use the Human’s Righteous type magic against them.

So they sent 250 of their best spies, rogues, and thieves to obtain the Righteous Scroll of Savior Summoning from the Hallowed Temple of Ancient Braves. It was already a miracle when 15 had returned  alive, never mind that only three could still fight, but that they had succeeded was nothing short of divine intervention.

Two weeks later, after the Scroll was found the Highest Elf mage, The Arch dragon wizard, The Supreme Dwarven Caster, The Best Beast Sorcerer, the Imperial Warlock of the Human Rebels, and herself, The Strongest Magic Monster,  gathered around the newly finished and elaborate summoning circle in the six circles and started chanting.

At first simultaneously, “Oh, Sovereign of the Righteous, please heed our call. So that we may stop this war please send us each a hero that will be able to stop it.”

 And then seperatly.

Firstly the Elf mage who was standing at two o’clock added his part in Elvish.

“Grant us a Hero agile, elegant, and proficient with a bow and give them the ability to understand the races of all who are present. Grant the Elven Hero good mana and Foresight.”

The cirlcle one Metre in front of the Elf lit up. And then the Dwarven caster, standing at four o’clock  started in her part Dwarven.

“Grant us a Hero sturdy, strong, and ingenious and give them the ability to understand the the language of all races present. Grant the Dwarven insight of Hearts and the strength of Ten dwarves.”

The circle 2 feet in front of the dwarf lit up. And the Beast Sorcerer,  standing at 6 o’clock started his part in Growlspeak.

“Grant us a Hero fast, cunning, and open minded and grant them the ability to understand the hearts and words of all races present. Grant them good capabilities with blades and Let them choose their form just as we Beast can.”

The circle two feet to the right of he Sorcerer lit up. The Dragon wizard, standing at eight o’clock began his chant in Ancient Dragon tongue.

Grant us a Hero sensible, vigorous and trustworthy, and grant them the understanding of all the races present. Grant them scaled skin and the ability to call upon the breath of the elements and a body that can withstand it.”

The diamond one foot to the left of the Dragon lit up. The Imperial Warlock, standing at ten o’clock  began to chant.

“Grant us a Hero, adaptive, Righteous, and iligent, grant them the power of language understanding starting with the language of all the races present in this ceremony. Grant them a strong weapon of their wield right and give them the mental power of movement.”

The square six feet in front of the Imperial Warlock lit up. Then it was Raisaza’ turn so she fell to her knèes, clasped her hands in front of her and chanted in the language of pure mana. She was kneeling at 12 o’clock

Bring us forth a hero whose potential is great, Let their personality be kind, honest, and shrewd. Let them be judged worthy before they come here. Grant us  a Hero with the power and will to end this war. Grant the comprehension  and understanding of all Languages that those in this room speak.  Grant them fantastic senses and reflexes. Gift unto them a good armor and give them the power to see through illusions.”

The trapezoid 1 foot in front of her lit up. Now that she had cast her part of the spell all the magic users started simultaneously chanting once more.

Now come forth ye brave heroes and save our world from destruction. Be you able to coordinate with each other without words and let us be able to understand you. Come you forth and save our world!”

The dodecagon in the middle of the  magic circle lit up and then , in rapid succession there were six bright flashes.

Feeling exhausted,  Raisaza looked around and noticed that she, the dragon tribe member, and the Elf were the only ones concise and that the summoning had been successful. Bringing forth six very confused humans.

So as the leader of this summoning she, still sweating and panting, welcomed them, “Greetings…Brave Heroes… I apologize… for… calling on…on you… so ….suddenly. I am Raisaza… Queen of…monsters… We…need your help… in defeating…the Genocider…. I need…to…borrow… your strength… for a bit…. Don’t worry… you can… go back…to your world… but… please help…us… defeat… the … Evil King.

What happened next she did not expect.

“Wah! A pig!”

“A talking pig!”

“A bipedal pig? With long red curly hair? ”

“A heroic… orc?”

“A monster summoning humans?”

“How adorable!”

She expected the five of the six reactions but she didn’t expect to be called adorable so suddenly by the Beast Hero.


“Lady, I’ll do whatever you want, but in exchange let me court you!”

“Okay… I guess?” Raisaza, who was willing to reward each of the summoned heroes with what she could, readily complied. “Are you sure you’re fine with just that?”

“Of course, I fully intend to marry you, but I have to get to know you first. There’s an order to these things!” The Beast Hero smiled charmingly at her.

Everyone, present and conscious was stunned at the boldness of the Beast Hero.

Then, in a combination of exhaustion and embarrassment, Raisaza fainted.

When she came to she was in her room, troubled over the fact that she had just gotten engaged to a handsome hero and shown him her weakness.

5 thoughts on “Ikemen yuusha no yome wa Mamono Ou. “Kore wa densetsu no shurida!”

      1. Mm. Well I recently discovered my inspiration depends entirely on my happiness level times the number of sugar I’ve consumes in the form of lolipops and pastries. So I’m quite inspired right now! I put this on hold to focus on my more popular stories, but as I’ve got inspiration again I shall pen out a chapter 2 after I write my reward for Jaon-chan!


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