My unlucky in love best friend who I love in a Lily way.

My best friend, Shiomiya Carol is a sweet girl. She gets along well with animals, girls and adults. She always tries to help out others when she can. She can be a little clingy but she just makes you wanna protect and support her. She has this habit of hugging me whenever whatever happens, something about me being nice to hug. Carol has an olive skin tone, soft long and wavy black hair, green eyes  that was set in a classical Japanese face. She’s kinda like a fairy tale princess. She was really beautiful. Right now  she’s 165cm? She’s got a really nice figure too shaped like a slender hourglass. However she seems to have bad luck with men.

When we were in our third year of middle school she fell in love with the second year football ace Kimotani Kaede. He had brown hair and black eyes and had developed muscles on his lanky frame. I suppose he was handsome enough, although I think the fan club was a little much. Carol, in a bold move for her asked him out. He said yes, of course. After all Carol is the cutest in the world. But then 3 months later we found out that he was using her to cheat on his original girlfriend and was cheating on her with someone else because she wouldn’t go all the way. After all, Carol is a modest girl and wouldn’t do that after just 3 months. She had to stop me from crushing his balls with a baseball.

After that we left for an Elite high school. Since I not rich like Carol, who is a half Italian ojou-sama, I studied my ass off and managed to get a scholarship to the school she went to. Here, she fell in love again. It was with the so called “Knight Prince” of the school, Amamiya Shoukani-senpai. He was called that because of his fencing skills, piano mastery, and his impeccable etiquette. Shoukani-senpai had neat black hair, cobalt eyes, lean muscles and was 180cm tall. I guess he was handsome enough in an artistic way. The fan girls and fan boys certainly seemed to think so. I wonder if Carol likes that type of build?  They really  would have made a lovely couple but it turns out he had a childhood friend who he made a childhood marriage promise to and was completely in love with her. And she reciprocated his feelings. Oi!! Rotten Prince!! Instead of stringing my Princess along for six months tell her something that important in the first place instead of putting off your answer to her confession for that long.

In her second year her parents engaged her to the heir of a disgustingly successful Advertising company, Mizukani Morita. Morita also attended our school. Morita was tall and slender, he looked like an intellectual type. He had left parted dark brown hair and dark brown eyes behind square frame glasses. He was 186 cm tall. I really had to crane my neck to look at him. Why should I have to go through that hassle for someone like him. I said he looked like the intellectual type but he was an idiot. He was at the very top… of the bottom thirty in our grade’s test scores. Carol didn’t fall in love this time. She was just determined to keep a man long enough to get to know him. So she went around, with her fantastic cookies, purposely making friends with the people who had an interest in her iinazuke. She implicitly asked them not to steal him away.

Then the transfer student Shirakami Shizuka, came and her worthless iinazuke began to court her right in front of her. Shizuka-san was cute and confident. She had long chestnut hair, black eyes, a slim figure and was 150 cm. It looks like she had similarly bad taste in men to Carol, because she started crushing on that idiot instantly. So all of Carol’s friends banded together and tried to explain the situation to Shizuka-san. We had thought she understood and went our seperate ways. The very next day as Carol and I were having lunch together she approched our bench in the courtyard and loudly declared herself Carol’s rival. Soon after that what looked like vicious bullying of Shizuk-san started. Flowers on her desk, her gym clothes and shoes in the trash, her chair missing, hurtful words carved into her desk. Carol, I, and our friends had nothing to do with all that, in fact we offered to help but she refused saying she didn’t need help from a rival. It all came to a head when holes were cut out of Shizuka-san’s textbooks and notebooks and somehow the scissors and parts cut out were inside Carol’s desk. As the uproar started with our classmates defaming Carol’s character I stood up and made a large shout, “Korrrraaaaa!!!”

Really, I’m amazed at how quickly they turned on her when they know how sweet she is. They must have been jealous of her Angelic cuteness. Or maybe they just wanted her to be the villainess of the story, even though by all accounts it should be Shizuka-san or whoever is bullying her. Tch. We should have just ignored her stubbornness and helped her anyways. Then came her fiance’s plan to publically humiliate her in by annulling their engagement in front of a good portion of the student body. We heard about it, because as Carol and I were going to our tea club we heard Morita talking loudly to Shizuka-san about his plan to annul their engagement at the fall dance. To her credit Shizuka-san tried to stop him. She said something like, “There’s no way my rival would do something like bullying. She was obviously framed!” Shizuka-san is surprisingly a good girl. But that idiot, Morita, didn’t listen. He must have gotten worked up by the idea of pursuing Justice. I turned to face Carol and she had a look if resigned disappointment on her face that just broke my heart.

After that, before that idiot Morita could make a fuss, right before the mandatory fall dance (where he had planned to Shame her) started, she went up to him and quietly announced that their parents had approved of the annulment of their engagement. I guess he was so focused on his plan that he didn’t even know that it was pre-emptively foiled. The dumbfounded look on his face was really funny. I couldn’t help laughing.  Serves that idiot right.


After that whole situation that was straight out of a shitty otome game, Carol got really quiet. It was to the point where she wouldn’t speak anymore and just wrote everything down on a notepad. I guess she was traumatized by the whole experience. Even if she didn’t love that idiot two people disliking you enough to try and plot your downfall must have been emotionally exhausting.


So we entered our third year with Carol still not making a sound. Then things got weird. So apparently this first year saw her looking wistfully out the window at the clouds and became captivated with her appearance. I get that, Carol’s cute after all. So I should probably describe him…this is getting to be such a pain. So the first year was 160 cm, he had red eyes and white hair set in a face that was still sloughing off it’s baby fat. He wasn’t muscular at all. He was rather cute. Then of all things, it turns out he was an Esper. So Carol didn’t need to speak to him to communicate with him. It sounds an awfully lot like an invasion of privacy to me. It sounds like a crutch too. I only found out about the whole thing being legit when he read my mind and blurted out that I was thinking about needing a new bra. Naturally I punched him. Or I tried to but the little shit dodged. Now that I notice, we always seem to be fighting. I have a certain fondness for the little shit, though. I’m sure he knows since he keeps provoking me. So anyways the little shit, I mean Hiroki(I keep forgetting that his name is Homura Hiroki since he’s “little shit” to me) had a huge crush on Carol and was actively trying to pursue her. This would be all fine, since Carol deserves to be loved, if it weren’t for the other girls in love with him. 3 other girls trying to win his heart and Carol trying not to get in their way because she didn’t notice her new friend/cute kouhai wanted a relationship upgrade. It was like…a Harem novel or something. The fact that we made fast friends with the girls didn’t help at all. They were all adorable kouhai unlike Hiroki. But all of this wasn’t the weird part. So we were going to that little shit’s classroom to invite him and his little harem to lunch. I saw a glowing runic circle appear before we stepped into the Classroom. Naturally I yanked Carol away. In a flash all the students and the teacher were gone. What the hell happened?

So for a full two weeks after that no one knew who that Hiroki, his harem or any of their classmates were. That included one’s big sister. How do you forget about your little brother? Seriously, what the hell happened? Then all of a sudden they returned looking two years older and toned and muscled. A lot of them even grew taller! The little shit was now a full head taller than Carol. They tried to play it off but do they think the rest of the student body is stupid? Well I guess it worked, since me and Carol were the only ones aware that they disappeared in the first place. Then that little shit, Hiroki, started acting mature and had the nerve to be dashing instead of annoying, which ironically annoyed me more. Acting all Gentlemanly, even though he’s just a little shit. Tch! He even confused Carol with his sudden behavior change. That little shit.

So, anyways, as I was heading back from gym to the classroom, I heard Hiroki’s harem talking about Carol. I had thought they were going to bad-mouth her so I was wondering if I should beat them up. But to my surprise it was a plan for either them or that little shit to seduce Carol so she could join their “family.” Apparently, they were in a poly relationship now! That’s not all! They included me in that plan! What the hell?! If anyone’s going to seduce me it’s going to be Carol! And I’m sure she doesn’t swing that way. And Carol wants someone devoted to her and her alone!  What happened while they disappeared?! What the hell is this?!

Of course, I told Carol everything at that point.  She didn’t even know Hiroki had been in love with her.  So that brings us to today as we we’re heading to the library to confront Hiroki about this revelation. If he does or says anything stupid, I’ll throw a table at him. He’ll probably Dodge it though.




Who am I, you ask? I am Ebitani Emiyami. A crisp and common Japanese girl. I have been utterly in love with Carol since childhood.

A/N: huh. I came back to the story and ideas started flowing. I’ve decided make this story with multiple parts. Next up is Carol’s part. So yes, this is a world where supernatural abilities exist and yes the school is a training ground for them and other more mundane talents. Is that important to the story? Except for Hiroki’s ESP, no. Yes an isekai and return event happened but that’s not important enough to impact the story besides Hiroki’s maturity. It’s of overall little consequence, since it didn’t happen to the two main characters. Good job, Emiyami-kun! Keep this up and you’ll be rewarded. I mean that will happen regardless though. For more concerns… yes a harem is present but neither Emiyami nor Carol want in and this is a Yuri story(maybe I’ll just write two universes). Don’t worry, it all works out in the end. Soon the story will continue! Till next be time.


The Chosen Champions.

Chapter 1: A Dapper Mole Appears!

Did I Hear that right? Did this Unexpectedly Dapper Mole just choose my partner to be a magical girl? Sorry Champion.

There was a flash as my partner, Hana, mumbled a cute and silly phrase. Suddenly my partner was drest in Forest Lolita clothing holding a staff. No matter how you look at it she’s a magical girl

“Didn’t expected that armor,” the Dapper Mole said. “Won’t all those frills get in the way?”

“Hmmph!” Hana said and twirled and tossed her staff like it was some sort of baton. As it was coming down it stopped twirling and hovered on front of her . She sat on it like she usually did on her broomstick.

“You’re trained?! Hell yeah!” The mole pumped his claw “That makes this easier! So here’s whats happening—”

The Dapper Mole went on to explain how he was a god from another planet and that 5 devotees and stolen some of his and Four other gods power and corrupted it. He’d chased thom here but apparently this planet forbids god’s from directly interfering with mortals. Which the thieves were so they had to choose champions. Which led us to this situation.

“So?” Hana asked. “What’s the



A/n: taking artistic liberty with nobility. Just so you know.

The Duke’s daughters shall not be disgraced.

“Annemarie! I know you’ve been bullying Claire!” the second prince of the Sectum Kingdom shouted at his Fiancee, Annemarie Liliandra Profectus, as he clung to a young petite platinum blonde woman.


Annemarie reached up and adjusted her glasses. “You’re Highness, what a surprise that you’re talking to me. I have now idea who this, Claire, is though. As we agreed I have stayed well out of your life since we entered school.”
“Don’t lie to me! I know it was your cronies who were harassing Claire!”
“How rude, Prince Seban. I don’t have cronies, I have friends.” Annemarie said as looked into Prince Seban’s eyes with a narrowed gaze. The Prince faltered “And they would never do such a thing without reason. Now who is that woman that you have the audacity to cling to in front of your betrothed? ” Annemarie said loud enough that the whole hall heard it and turned their attention to the conversation.


“This is Claire!” The Prince said heedless of the attention they had garnered.
“Why are you so passionate about her, Prince Seban. Is she the lover of yours my friends told me about? Are you really cheating on me?”Annemarie asked as closed her eyes and took a sip of her tea .

The whole hall gasped while the prince sputtered,”What….that’s…”

“I see. So she is. You went and had an affair without even trying to be get to know me huh… What a petty and horrible man you are.” Annemarie said opening her eyes and glaring at the prince.

“What?! That’s not! But you were…!” The prince tried to recover


Annemarie held her hand up while listening to her tablemate whisper in her ear. When she was done she nodded and once again turned her attention to the prince. ” I see. So you were trying to disgrace me. You were going to use ‘harassment of an innocent’ as an excuse to break the engagement huh. That way you could cover up your shameful behavior by pushing it all on me. How …horrible!” Annemarie said as she looked simultaneously disgusted and distressed.


The party hall broke into a buzz, the majority of the murmurs being negative comments of the Prince.
“Now wait a minute! You’re just jealous and that—” The prince started before Annemarie cut him off.
“Oh my!” Annemarie said putting her hands on her red cheeks. “Did you, perhaps, think I was jealous? Whatever for?” Annemarie asked as she tilted her head to the left and put her right index and middle fingers to her lips. She seemed to realize something and looked up at the prince. “Ah! Do you, possibly, think I’m in love with you, Prince Seban?”


“Aren’t you?” The Prince asked wondering why she was questioning obvious fact.


“Why?” Annemarie asked wondering why he came to such a ridiculous conclusion.




“You never tried to woo me.” Annemarie started listing the reasons why she wasn’t in love with him.




“You’ve never even been friendly to me before.” She looked at him with an exasperated gaze.


“There wasn’t a need to—.” The prince tried to explain himself


What she said next stunned most of the hall for the prince was ,in fact, a bishie. He had a slim and toned figure, glossy silver hair, turquoise eyes set in a narrow heart shaped face


“You’re not even that attractive. And even if you were,” she crooked her left index finger and put it in front of her mouth. “I’m not vain and shallow enough to fall for someone’s appearance. So there is no chance I love you right?”


“Now wait just a minute!” The prince was indignant.


“Regardless of that.” Annemarie said ignoring the prince’s protest she eleganty pointed her finger to the prince. ” Aren’t you clearly in the wrong.” She gracefully stood up and was at even height with the prince. ” And you dare try to disgrace me?” She said with an edge in her voice. She took a single step towards the prince and his lover, and they scurried back. ” You’ve only accomplished disgracing yourself. I will not stand for this. I will void this engagement. Please have nothing to do with me from now on. And I implore you not to appear in front of me again Your Highness, if you can help it.” She said as she as she sat back down next to her friend Rosalyn.


“Now hold on just a moment! What do you mean I’m not attractive?!” The prince was still one step behind.


The public thought, ‘You’re focusing on that?!


“That I’d rather kiss Rosa than you?” Annemarie said referring to her short, plain, chubby best friend, Rosalyn.


“What? Boss?! How can you—?” The prince sputtered.


“Like this?” She said taking Rosalyn’s cheeks in her hands and French kissing her. When she came up for air she looked at the dumbstruck prince and buried her red face into Rosalyn’s chest. ” Please leave your Highness. You’re no longer involved with me.”


Once the prince and his lover left Annemarie looked up at Rosalyn. “Are you gonna get pregnant now? I’ll take responsibility, okay? I promise.”


‘This sweet innocent creature.’ Rosalyn thought as she patted Annemarie’s head and rubbed her back. “It’s okay. I’m safe today.” Rosalyn said aloud.


“Can we stay like this for awhile, Rosa?” Annemarie asked.


“Sure, Marié.” Rosalyn said with her arms firmly around Annemarie. ‘ What should I do. I’ve been coming for a while now. Ah~ Annemarie hugs feel so good~♥! Rosalyn was someone who had a fetish for being embraced. Annemarie had no idea of course.


And that was how the First Prince’s and the Profectus territory’s Heiress ended.



A/N: I came back to this story by accident too. I wanted to write a story about a prince failing at disgracing his Fiancee and said fiancee’s, being sheltered as she was accidentally seduced, someone with a hugging fetish. I could continue this but I don’t feel like it will go anywhere.

Pixie wife.

Aoibheann Reilly Sadb Celios was nervous. She was five now and it was her first day of school. Naturally she was

nervous. She wanted her mother to come with her.

“But, Mamaí!  Can’t you come with me? Can’t you just spend the first day with me?” Aoibheann pleaded,

“Mo ghile iníon . No , ní féidir liom.”^1  Her mother gently refused her.

“But whyyyy!” The red headed round faced little girl asked.

“One, I cannot leave your little brother. He inherited far too much mischeif from your Mamaí and Daidí. Two, if I go with you now you won’t be able to make friends, it’s very important to make friends. Three , you need to do this without me,”

the woman looked at her child who looked just like she did when she was young. “Four,  I won’t leave this house,” the ten inch woman looked at her 3 foot tall daughter’s wavy scarlet hair and flicked and snapped her hand in the same motion  and made it into a crown braid that hid the pointed tips of Aoibeheann’s ears.”It’s too dangerous for me.” She
said fluttering her wings. She perked her ears. “Oh! There’s your bus. Lunchbox?”




“Your Glamour ‘s getting better.” Aine Sadb Tara Celios said as she kissed her daughter on the cheek and twitched her pinky, laying a subtle glamour on her daughter. “Off you go! Have fun, Make friends!” She said as she watched her daughter walk to the bus stop. Once Aoibheann was on the bus, Aine closed the door.


Niles Ronin Hagan Celios  was a crafty 4 year old little boy. He had his father’s black hair and eyes. He was cute but had a penchant for mischeif. Recently he had discovered he could change size. He has since pulled of very elaborate pranks.

Like the pie catapult. (What do ya want he’s four. ) So today, he was going to get into his mother’s cookie jar!

He shrunk himself down to 6 inches so he’d  be harder to catch. His pixie wings sprouted and he flew to the top of the  pantry. He almost made it to the to the cookie jar. When, suddenly, he was caught!

He was suddenly flying away from the pantry under someone else’s power.  He then reverted to his original size.

“Haahahahahaha! Nice try, darling!” His mother said vastly amused by his attempt to shake her off and levitating him instead of holding him by his underarms like she was afore he tried to change size, ” You know better than trying that. Now, as punishment for trying to take my cookies, you’re going to watch C-span♡! ”

Niles realizing his predicament uttered a perfectly timed dramatic, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”


Grant W. S. Celios had a long night at work. He couldn’t wait to get home and greet his adorable and sexy wife. He worked the night shift as a programmer at a data management company. He needed to recharge by being lovey-dovey
with his wife.

Grant was six foot tall, had luscious black wavy hair, piercing round eyes and a sharp angular face. His mother was British and his father was Italian and he had inherited the best of both their looks. What I’m trying to say here is that he was rather handsome.

“Aine! I’m home!” He shouted when he came home at 12 o’clock in the Afternoon.

Shut up, my heart! I just put Niles down for his nap!” Aine said as she came hovering in with a smile.  She had curly scarlet hair pale skin and an hour glass figure. Even though she was tiny she had way too much Va-va-va-Voom!

“Aine!” he said grabbing his wife out of the air, “You know, my love, that it drives me absolutely wild when you call me that!” He then proceeded to make out with his wife in the foyer.

To a third party it would look like he was making out with a doll. Aine and Grant’s make out session went on for 10

minutes.  After that they moved to the bedroom.

Now you may be wondering with the size difference, how do the perform their marital duties, you may also be wondering how Aine bore and gave birth to their children. Let me explain:

Because Aine is a Fey she doesn’t have to bother with inconvenient concepts like proportion  difference in sex. She can just ignore that so it doesn’t matter. Also when a pixie is horny and you are horny and you are thinking naughty things towards

her and she is thinking naughty things towards you that is one of the sex practices among pixies.

As for how the children were carried borne and born. Well that’s a secret!  It was weird though.

And thus another day passed on the Celios household.

^1  “My darling daughter. No, I can’t” translated from gaelic. (A/n: To all the Irish people out there I’m sorry if I butchered your language. However, if I did in fact butcher it, I blame Google translate.)


A/n: So what do you think of this story.

Review and rate it if you must. But if you do give me constructive criticism. I will use flames to roast the flamer alive, stop before they expire and feed them to a dragon. For some reason they like human flesh, even though you humans taste horrible.

Ikemen yuusha no yome wa Mamono Ou. “Kore wa densetsu no shurida!”

A/n: Okay. So here’s the plan. I’m going to be making a standard summoned  Yuusha novel Only isteD of sending them after the Maou I’ll have the Monster king summon them and send them after the evil Human king. And, because, I’m sick of traditionally bishoujo romantic interests, I’m going to have my main hero fall for a monster at first sight. Now I’ll try to avoid the chikd hood friend=love interest route by taking a page from Hakoiri drops and Koharu days.

Without further ado: Welcome to my world!

Raisaza, strongest of all monsters and the General of the United Races Army, was troubled. She had, for the past three years, been fighting in a war with the genocidal Human Empire. With the help of the dwarve, elves, Beast man, dragon tribe, and rebel humans. She was just able to bring about a stalemate. But she knew, it wouldn’t last long and the humans would overcome her forces eventually.  They were just too strong! They had Creatures  that were able to best her on the battlefield. She nearly lost her life to one such creature. If it hadn’t been for a new Dwarven invention that temporarily blinded and choked the enemy she was sure that, she would be dead or worse.  Not only were their soldiers strong, they had ridiculously powerful and advanced weapons. She couldn’t grasp how their weapons craft had advanced so much, but it had done so at a rate that made the dwarves awestruck. And so the heads of the 5 races and the Leader of the Human rebels had put their heads together and decided to use the Human’s Righteous type magic against them.

So they sent 250 of their best spies, rogues, and thieves to obtain the Righteous Scroll of Savior Summoning from the Hallowed Temple of Ancient Braves. It was already a miracle when 15 had returned  alive, never mind that only three could still fight, but that they had succeeded was nothing short of divine intervention.

Two weeks later, after the Scroll was found the Highest Elf mage, The Arch dragon wizard, The Supreme Dwarven Caster, The Best Beast Sorcerer, the Imperial Warlock of the Human Rebels, and herself, The Strongest Magic Monster,  gathered around the newly finished and elaborate summoning circle in the six circles and started chanting.

At first simultaneously, “Oh, Sovereign of the Righteous, please heed our call. So that we may stop this war please send us each a hero that will be able to stop it.”

 And then seperatly.

Firstly the Elf mage who was standing at two o’clock added his part in Elvish.

“Grant us a Hero agile, elegant, and proficient with a bow and give them the ability to understand the races of all who are present. Grant the Elven Hero good mana and Foresight.”

The cirlcle one Metre in front of the Elf lit up. And then the Dwarven caster, standing at four o’clock  started in her part Dwarven.

“Grant us a Hero sturdy, strong, and ingenious and give them the ability to understand the the language of all races present. Grant the Dwarven insight of Hearts and the strength of Ten dwarves.”

The circle 2 feet in front of the dwarf lit up. And the Beast Sorcerer,  standing at 6 o’clock started his part in Growlspeak.

“Grant us a Hero fast, cunning, and open minded and grant them the ability to understand the hearts and words of all races present. Grant them good capabilities with blades and Let them choose their form just as we Beast can.”

The circle two feet to the right of he Sorcerer lit up. The Dragon wizard, standing at eight o’clock began his chant in Ancient Dragon tongue.

Grant us a Hero sensible, vigorous and trustworthy, and grant them the understanding of all the races present. Grant them scaled skin and the ability to call upon the breath of the elements and a body that can withstand it.”

The diamond one foot to the left of the Dragon lit up. The Imperial Warlock, standing at ten o’clock  began to chant.

“Grant us a Hero, adaptive, Righteous, and iligent, grant them the power of language understanding starting with the language of all the races present in this ceremony. Grant them a strong weapon of their wield right and give them the mental power of movement.”

The square six feet in front of the Imperial Warlock lit up. Then it was Raisaza’ turn so she fell to her knèes, clasped her hands in front of her and chanted in the language of pure mana. She was kneeling at 12 o’clock

Bring us forth a hero whose potential is great, Let their personality be kind, honest, and shrewd. Let them be judged worthy before they come here. Grant us  a Hero with the power and will to end this war. Grant the comprehension  and understanding of all Languages that those in this room speak.  Grant them fantastic senses and reflexes. Gift unto them a good armor and give them the power to see through illusions.”

The trapezoid 1 foot in front of her lit up. Now that she had cast her part of the spell all the magic users started simultaneously chanting once more.

Now come forth ye brave heroes and save our world from destruction. Be you able to coordinate with each other without words and let us be able to understand you. Come you forth and save our world!”

The dodecagon in the middle of the  magic circle lit up and then , in rapid succession there were six bright flashes.

Feeling exhausted,  Raisaza looked around and noticed that she, the dragon tribe member, and the Elf were the only ones concise and that the summoning had been successful. Bringing forth six very confused humans.

So as the leader of this summoning she, still sweating and panting, welcomed them, “Greetings…Brave Heroes… I apologize… for… calling on…on you… so ….suddenly. I am Raisaza… Queen of…monsters… We…need your help… in defeating…the Genocider…. I need…to…borrow… your strength… for a bit…. Don’t worry… you can… go back…to your world… but… please help…us… defeat… the … Evil King.

What happened next she did not expect.

“Wah! A pig!”

“A talking pig!”

“A bipedal pig? With long red curly hair? ”

“A heroic… orc?”

“A monster summoning humans?”

“How adorable!”

She expected the five of the six reactions but she didn’t expect to be called adorable so suddenly by the Beast Hero.


“Lady, I’ll do whatever you want, but in exchange let me court you!”

“Okay… I guess?” Raisaza, who was willing to reward each of the summoned heroes with what she could, readily complied. “Are you sure you’re fine with just that?”

“Of course, I fully intend to marry you, but I have to get to know you first. There’s an order to these things!” The Beast Hero smiled charmingly at her.

Everyone, present and conscious was stunned at the boldness of the Beast Hero.

Then, in a combination of exhaustion and embarrassment, Raisaza fainted.

When she came to she was in her room, troubled over the fact that she had just gotten engaged to a handsome hero and shown him her weakness.

Hello world!

Hi everyone. I am an aspiring  author. I mostly write on FF so I thought original stories would be a nice change of paste. My first story will be about a human hero and an orc woman. I’ll be loosely basing these on the Japanese “Yuusha” genre. I say loosely because I’ll be doing things differently.  Now Keep in mind that I have yet to post original stories so be prepared for some bad prototypes. Also because of a combination of real life and ADD do not expect me to post offten. I’ll do my best to but nevertheless you have been warned.

This is the Oracle of Aura and Hestia, Super Scientist and Red Reaper,Phoenixir signing off to post again in a few minutes to an hour and a half.